CSO Profile and Resume

Chief Security Officer in MilMed Corporation

Dr. Kira Smith

Nov 2016 - Present

Combat Medic

Close Air Support (CAS), Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), Combat Medic and Emergency Surgery, MEDEVAC, Search&Rescue (SAR), Direct Action (DA), Infil-Exfil, HALO/HAHO jump, Free Fall, SCUBA Diving combat, Reconnaissance (Recon) e Special Reconnaissance (SpecRecon), Target Acquisition, Neutralization and (Re)conquer of airports, maritime ports, stations, military bases, Counterterrorism, Hostages Rescue, Personnel Recovery, PsyOps, Tactical Communication, Air Traffic Control, Air Assault Operations, All- Terrain Vehicle Operations, Tactical Driving.

Oct 2015 - Oct 2016

Security Guard

Special Services - Private Security

Special spare/protection, values holder, safekeeping of money and valuables, anti-shoplifting, anti-tampering, night controls and verification of non-tampering of building accesses, anti-theft, emergency response of high level, business surveillance, perimeter vigilance, videosurveillance, use of devices for special and tactical telecommunication, investigations and inspection service, anti-cybercrime, forensic analysis.

Nov 2014 - Jun 2015

Cybersecurity Specialist

Networking and security of networks: installation, maintenance, monitoring and implementation security devices and measures: Firewall and Next-Gen Firewall, Watchdog, IDS/IPS management and setting, also manual of their parameters and threat senses, vulnerability and penetration test (pentesting), installation and control operations Cisco routers and Fortinet systems, testing and diagnostic network devices usage.

Use of Kali Linux, BlackArch, Parrot OS and other distributions for pentesting and other security tools for networks/systems/web sites; Qubes OS for a compartmentalized security.

Euristic AV knowledge, digital signatures controls, actions to perform in a threat presence case; Risk Management, implementation of actions aimed at the detection and eradication of threats, as well as the implementation of rapid remediation and restoration after any exploitation incurred.

Proper management of access, assignment of authorizations and credentials to employees.

Secure Coding: knowledge of code development guidelines for a secure software cycle.

Mar 2013 - Mar 2014

MD. Researcher in Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Study and research in Clinical and Experimental Medicine.